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The Hidden Roads is a travelogue where I pen down my experiences of my outward and inwards traveling. Mostly I travel to spiritually elevated places and I write content here so that anyone can get the knowledge of the place, how to reach, the best time to travel, etc.

There are a lot of outward spiritual places that are hidden from the world where you can travel and get Lord Shiva’s blessings. But, there are also roads which take you to him are hidden inside you.

So on this platform, you will get mixed content on Spirituality, articles on Lord Shiva, and traveling to religious places. From childhood, I have devotion to Lord Shiva, so from the day I started earning, I eventually started exploring the places also.

Information on this site is the continuous process and I have been trying with the best of my knowledge and belief.

Know more about me and I request you guys to Share your stories here.

You can connect with us at Facebook and Instagram.

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