About me

Hello! I’m Shruti. Welcome to my travel blog. I like to write about the journeys of sacred places where I have traveled and share my experiences with you all.

Initially I started travelling just to escape from the daily routine, but now I have developed a taste of it and addicted with Himalayas. I manage well to travel along with my regular 9-5 job in IT industry. I have spent countless hours on road trips and every journey has given me good memories and experiences.

Most of the time, I travel to different places in Himalayan region as I always get enchanted with its beauty and great landscape. More than this, its all together a different feeling far away from the buzz of daily life.

I am a big devotee of Lord Shiva and love to explore every possible places he appeared. Travel to such places gives lot of learning about yourself, the place, the culture and the history behind it.

I myself have observed lot of internal changes after I started travelling.  Have become more open minded and thankful for life I live. Even whenever I visit mountains, I feel pure and cleansed from inside. And this feeling fades away with our daily buzz of life, so I get urge to visit to my Lord again and again and pay homage.

I think its good to be in Himalayan Hangover all the time and feel high in life.

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