Kailash Mansarovar Yatra

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra pilgrimage is widely known for its religious significance among people of Hindu, Buddhism, Jain and Bon faith. The place lies in holy land of Tibet which is believed to be the Godly Home of Lord Shiva which must be visited at least once in lifetime of earthly birth. Pilgrims take holy dip in Mansarovar lake and experience a spiritual revelation. Parikrama has to be done around Kailash which takes 3 days. And the journey is not an easy feat, you have to trek the rough terrain of rocks, glaciers in extreme climatic conditions at an altitude of 19000 ft. And one fine day I decided to go Kailash. I was alone but I started preparing myself mentally and physically for the high altitude trek which I have never done.

I went through Nepal route starting from Kathmandu. Days in Nepal were good but main journey started when we crossed Nepal-China border and arrived at Mansarovar lake.

Mansarovar Lake

2nd June 2018

We arrived at Mansarovar, the holy and divine lake of the universe. We were standing at 15000 ft and the night was full of stars. It was like I was in the middle of the galaxy wrapped with a blanket of billions of starsWe moved closer to lake when it was completely dark and we saw the reflection of Moon falling on lake which looked like heaven. I folded my hands, closed my eyes and prayed to Lord Shiva. The place was filled with divinity and high spiritual energies that one could feel. You can truly feel the God is around you.


Next morning, I took dip in icy cold water of the holy lake. But the feeling of prayers after dip was beautiful. Imagine you are sitting on lake where all Gods and Goddess come for bath and you are meditating on Lord Shiva. After doing prayers, we left for Parikrama(Kora) of lake which is 95 kms of the circumference. The clouds started shedding off and we got first glimpse of Kailash. That was the moment when tears started rolling out after looking at the peak.

Kailash Parikrama (Kora)

4th June 2018: 1st Day Trek

After spending a night at Darchen, we started our journey on foot from Yam dwar (lord of death) and it is said that one who passes through Yam dwar becomes free from shackles of life and death. The weather was favorable and we could see Kailash south face, the only snow-covered peak looked like a jewel in the entire region. The view of the landscape was breathtaking that I didn’t want to take my eyes off. First day of the trek was of 15 km and on the way we saw lot of Tibetans who were doing full prostration to complete kora which takes them more than a month. That’s the love for your Lord when you are so much determined with unshakable faith. After few hours we saw west face of Kailash followed by the beautiful North face.

We stayed at Derapuk in big dormitory facing North Kailash. What can be so beautiful when you are staying in front of Lord Shiva himself. It’s not just a mountain, its the abode of Lord Shiva.

2nd Day Trek

Rays falling on Kailash during sunrise made it golden and it looked heavenly. We started trek early as it was the most challenging day for us to cover 25 km. Many people from our group returned back as they were not fit to continue. Within 1 km itself, we started facing breathing problem. And it became more and more challenging where our pulse rate was too high and oxygen in body started dripping.  Whenever I felt drained out, I used to just look at Kailash and chanted Om Namah Shivaay. This is how Lord gave me the strength to keep moving. We encountered beautiful arrays of flags at various spots and then we finally we reached Dolma La (19000 ft) ie the highest point of the trek. That time we had a sense of achievement that we crossed the toughest part of journey. After a halt for some time, we started descending and immediately we saw Gauri Kund (where Goddess Parvati takes bath) which was frozen but emerald green color made it very beautiful. We trekked for another 14 km in a beautiful valley of Godly land and reached Zuthulpuk to stay at night.

3rd Day Trek

The weather was cloudy but it magnified the beauty of mountains. That day Kailash was covered with clouds and we could not get see it but my heart was satisfied and thankful for the journey so far. This was the easiest day with only 8 km of trek which we did in 3-4 hours and arrived near Yam Dwar. And hence we successfully completed 1 round of Parikrama(Kora) of the holy Mount Kailash in 3 days. We were joyful, we celebrated but at that point, I did not want to come back.

We were in the land of Gods with their best of creation on earth. Looking at the breathtaking view and great landscapes was like God has opened door to heaven for me.

The majestic and magical view of Kailash has left such an impact in my heart forever that I feel completely numb whenever I close my eyes to focus Kailash. I live here in the buzz of city life but I can certainly say that bit of Kailash is still in me. Kailash Mansarovar Yatra, the journey of lifetime, the greatest of all the journeys I have made till date and the journey which has changed everything in me. As if I have come back in bodily form and soul is somewhere lost in Kailash.

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