Roadtrip to Nawabo ke Sheher via Expressway | 515 kms | 7 hours

Yamuna expressway connects Greater Noida to Agra at stretch of 186 Kms and hence connecting the India’s longest expressway between Agra to Lucknow which is of 316 Kms.

It was Diwali week and I could not get tickets to go my hometown Lucknow and same happened with my sister Preeti. Then decided to go by road and experience the Yamuna Express way and Taj express way in a stretch along with her.

Distance – 515 Kms

Car – Maruti Celerio

Speed – Maintained at 120 km/hr

No of Lanes- 8

Toll cost – Rs 1035 ( single side | Noida-Agra Rs 415 | Agra Ringroad Rs 35 | Agra to Lucknow Rs 585)

Tip- Fill Nitrogen in the tyres to avoid burst

Driving Experience

The feel of driving here is very exciting where you don’t have to apply much brakes. The driving experience is very refreshing instead of the tiring ones if driven for so long.┬áThe roads are very smooth and non-bumpy well constructed and maintained by Jaypee group. Even the airplane landing has been tested on this road in 2015 to ensure if it can be used during emergency.

Siblings are the best companion when it comes to travel. Its one of the finest road trips I ever had.

Everyone respects the lane driving rules very well by which you don’t have to focus on another vehicle much.

There are enough petrol filling stations along with Nitrogen gas availability and restaurants between Noida to Agra. But very less options when you move towards Lucknow. So, I would suggest to carry snacks, candies and water. We took only 2 breaks and had wonderful tea.

If you are travelling towards Mathura or Vrindavan, exit for these places come around 45 mins of reaching Agra. Exit boards are properly installed at many places.


Carry good playlist

Listening to pumped up tracks will always make driving enjoyable. Credit to Mukul Sir, my office colleague for sharing his amazing playlist.

You will face issues with Mobile network and tuning to FM also, so its advisable to dump enough songs in your mobile or USB.



Enjoy the Expressway and have a safe drive!

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